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I'm Schroedinger! I'm gay, trans, technosexual, and objectum and my pronouns are he/it.You might see my friends refer to me as Wolfgang, Atticus, Polybius, Fritz, or FORTRAN. Questions are welcome as long as they aren't rude. You can leave a question in my guestbook or my tumblr askbox

What are otherkin?
Otherkin, put simply, are people who identify wholly or in part as something nonhuman. There are some subcategories, such as Therians (people who identify as animals) but otherkin is the largest and most encompassing label.
What are Otherkin?

I'm vaguely xenic, and one of the flags up there is one of my own creation! it's Schroedinger's gender (not just because my name is schroedinger) and is meant to describe a form of gender fluidity where you don't necessarily know how you identify until you "observe" or think about your identity. Here's my tumblr post about it

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